Attachments for PT-300 D:Mine

PrimeTech introduces the PT-300 D:Mine, a demining machine designed to clear anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in the most difficult conditions.

the PT-300 D:Mine:

PT-300 D:Mine is powered by a John Deere inline 6-cylinder engine, a 275 HP power plant that together with the design of the rotor guarantees very high productivity in all conditions. An innovative remote control ensures accurate guidance of the vehicle at a range of up to 1000 metres.

The PT-300 D:Mine is a machine built for severe-duty jobs, with a rugged and extremely resistant structure made of special steels selected for their exceptional strength, offering a very high level of reliability. PT-300 D:Mine is equipped with an FAE 300/TD tiller, which is specifically designed for mine clearance. Working width of the 300/TD is 2500 mm and average working depth is 250 mm. The design of the tiller head and rotor and the materials used combine to limit damage in the event of exploding mines. Other types of front attachment can be mounted as required (forestry mulcher, forestry tiller, rock crusher).

The PT-300 D:Mine is the latest development in the field of demining and it establishes a new standard of quality in its class. The machine has of course been thoroughly tested and it has been certified to CWA 15044:2009.


The FAE 300/TD demining tiller is a dedicated attachment for demining purposes. It is designed to work in the heavy duty conditions. It has a working width of 2500 mm and a working depth of upto 250 mm.

The FAE 300/TD demining tiller is equipped with:

  • Double side gear transmission
  • Two hydraulic motors (200 cc)
  • Mechanic push-frame
  • Tool type "R65", and type "R65 SD" (side scraper)
  • PERIFLEX system to protect driveshaft and hydraulic motors against detonation
  • Tooth holder made of WELDOX® and easily replaceable

Different tools (teeth) for the rotor are available to suit different working conditions, all of them with carbide tip. The rotor pattern is designed in a way that every piece of soil gets processed.

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